indirect hot air generator drawing


We at Suntrack are pioneers and leaders in the field of Solid Fuel Fired - Fluidised Bed - Indirect Hot Air Generator. With a customer base over varied fields with varied and critical requirements, we have earned a reputation of being the best and the most advanced plant manufacturers and designers in this field.

Indirect Hot Air Generator Video Animation

indirect hot air generator drawing

Solid Fuel Fired Indirect Hot Air Generator Working Concept

The Solid Fuel Fired - Fluidised bed - Indirect Hot Air Generator works on the principle of Air to Air Indirect Heat exchange.

Highly efficient combustion and heat exchange are the corner stones to success of such equipment.
High end electronics and sophisticated control system makes operation extremely easy and simple at the same time providing ruggedness to the system.

Indirect Hot Air Generator Salient Features

  • We cater to Industries requiring Pure, Clean, Hot Air for Spray Driers, Spin Flash Driers, Rotary Driers, Fluidised Bed Driers, Tunnel Driers, Room Driers, Drum driers and many more.
  • Extremely rugged plants and precise automation to ensure same plant can operate at 300deg C and immediately can be shifted to operate at 130deg C without any changes in the system.
  • Turn down ratio of 33% and in special cases even upto 30% to ensure flexibility of plant operation.
  • Our Indirect Hot Air Generator systems have a Thermal efficiency of over 82%. Thus ensuring less fuel consumption
  • Highly Automated Plants with PLC based controls, VFD controlled Motors, PID controllers and sensors for consistent parameters
  • Easy and continuous operation of our systems without unplanned stoppages.
indirect hot air generator drawing

Coal Fired Indirect Hot Air Generator Technical Specifications

No. Heads Specifications
1 CAPACITY Ranging from 5LKCal/hr - (0.5million KCal/hr) to 100LKCal/hr - (10millionKCal/hr)
2 TEMPERATURE 300 degC, 350 degC, 400 degC, 450 degC, 600 degC
3 TYPES OF FUELS Solid Fuels like, Coal/ Imported Coal/ Indian Coal, Wood Chips, Saw dust, Ground nut husk,
Palm shell husk, Tamrind seed husk, Any other dry, threshed Agro fuel.
6 NO. OF PASSES Ranging from 5LKCal/hr - (0.5million KCal/hr) to 100LKCal/hr - (10millionKCal/hr)
7 POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENT Cyclones. Additionally Bag Filters, Scrubbers or ESP can also be included.
8 TYPES OF BLOWERS Specialised high efficiency blowers
9 AUTOMATION Fully Automated with PLC based system,
VFD controlled Motors,
PID controllers and sensors for maintaining consistent parameters
10 OTHER FEATURES One HAG can be used to cater to Multiple Driers - Spray Driers, SFDs, etc.
Different driers can be operated simultaneously at different temperatures and capacities.

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