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With a rich history of innovation and excellence, we stand leaders in the industry for revolutionary concepts. One such path breaking concept is the Suntrack Dehumidifier.This system can provide Dehumidified air RH between 10% - 50% operating and temperatures between 15°C - 45°C at extremely low operating costs compared to traditional dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifier Video Animation

direct hot air generator drawing

Dehumidifier Working Concept

Our Dehumidifier is designed with the aim of providing Dehumidification at extremely Low Cost.

Ambient air is chilled through a refrigerant based evaporator and then passed through the Desiccant rotor for further Dehumidification. This air then goes to the process at set and required RH and Temperature. Rotor regeneration is done by us in situ - without Electrical heater or Steam requirement.
Absence of electrical heater or steam requirement or such ensures that our Dehumidifiers save operating costs upto 40 - 60%.


  • Temperature Range at DH Outlet - 15°C - 45°C
  • RH - 10% - 50%

Salient Features for Dehumidifier

  • Extremely Low Operating Cost viz a viz traditional Dehumidifier
  • All Weather - Consistent Output (RH & Temp both)
  • No Electric Heater, No Steam Requirement
  • Clean Energy
  • Jig Mounted, Inbuilt Cabling
  • Fully Automated with online monitoring & operation
direct hot air generator drawing

Dehumidifier Technical Specifications

No Model Number RH Range Temperature Range Volume Range
1 CZ 10 > 10% 15°C - 45°C 0 - 1200cfm
2 CZ 20 > 10% 15°C - 45°C 1200 - 2400cfm
3 CZ 30 > 10% 15°C - 45°C 2400 - 3600cfm
4 CZ 60 > 10% 15°C - 45°C 4800 - 7200cfm
5 Custom Made More than 10% RH Client Specification Client Specification

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