Tunnel Driers manufactured by us are Counter current, Pressurised and High Production systems. Developed in late 2005, these have been the bedrock for many a industries.

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Working Concept

The Tunnel driers are designed as Counter Current - Step and Repeat Drying systems. The hot air and the wet material move counter-current resulting in the desired quality product in much lesser time and at relatively lower costs as compared to other drying systems.


  • High Production Drying systems with Step and Repeat movement inside the Tunnel.
  • Counter Current direction of material movement and air flow enable much higher efficiencies ensuring our Tunnel Drier exhaust is not more than 4-5deg C above ambient.
  • Uniform drying due to movement of material from high moisture to very low moisture zones.
  • Fully automated system with PLC based controls, VFD controlled motors, Sensors and controllers to ensure appropriate functioning of the system.
  • Touchscreen HMI for operation control also aids in fault diagnostics thus making it simple and easy to operate.
  • High Production, Next to zero maintenance and ease of operations is what makes our Tunnel Drier a necessary Production Equipment in many an Industry.


NO Heads Specifications
1 CAPACITY Single Trolley Double Trolley
2 TEMPERATURE Depends on Product to be Dried. Ranging from - 65 degC to 250 degC
3 TYPE OF DRIER Tray and Trolley Type Tunnel Drier
4 TYPE OF HEATING Additional Can be Dehumidifier Heater, Hot Air Generator - Gas or Solid Fuel,
Thermic Fluid Heater or Boiler as may be.
5 HEAT ENERGY REQUIRED 800 Kcal/Litre of water @ 80 degC
6 TYPES OF BLOWERS Specialised high efficiency blowers
7 AUTOMATION Fully Automated with PLC based system,
VFD controlled Motors,
PID controllers and sensors for maintaining consistent parameters
8 ENTRY AND EXIT Automated Doors at Entry & Exit ends
9 TROLLEY MOVEMENT Step and Repeat Trolley movement
10 PARAMETER CONTROL Rh Controlled or Temperature Controlled depending on Product
11 DIMENSIONS Continuous or Batch Type as per Requirement.